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 Technocracy Membership Application

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PostSubject: Technocracy Membership Application   Sat Jun 05, 2010 6:01 am

Please read the following and if you will abide by the few rules then your welcome to join:

As many people are already aware, Technocracy has expanded and have now got a training alliance. This is called Tech Ventures. Both alliances however are now recruiting members.

The Tech Ventures alliance is now run by kaffe, the former Technocracy 2nd IC. Tech Ventures are looking to recruit members, and it is simple to join. If your army size is between 0-100million then you will be in the Tech Ventures alliance, only untill you have reached an army size of 101million or higher.

Anybody wanting to join the Technocracy alliance must have an army size of 101million or higher when they join.

All members must follow instructions given by the alliance elders for all alliance members sake. You must be willing to help out in times of war, either by funding other Tech members or fighting along side Tech members.

Simple Really... We hope to see you among us soon.

Thank You
Technocracy Leader / Tech Ventures Leader
Defdragon123 / Kaffe
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Technocracy Membership Application
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